Engagement Sessions

February 28, 2020

The Engagement session captures a special time in your life when you are madly in love and will soon embark on a life journey together. This is a very sweet time in your relationship, and it is lovely to commemorate that with pictures of you both together spending some quality time.

Having an engagement session allows you to learn how to be yourselves in front of the camera. Many people are uncomfortable being photographed, and we’ve had numerous clients mention their anxiety about being in front of the camera all day. with that said, when we get to spend time with you, usually in your favorite places, making portraits that share your story, it helps you Feel More Comfortable in Front of the Camera and helps you breathe easier on the wedding day! You know what to expect, how we work with you, and with that little bit of anxiety eased, you can be fully present for your celebration on the wedding day.

A photo save-the-date card is practically standard these days, but there are so many more ways to use your engagement photos throughout your wedding. Consider creating a custom photo book for guests to sign as they arrive. Blow up your favorite photos to display at your reception, create a slideshow to project on the wall, or even add a photo to your wedding favor. These photos can also be used at your other wedding events, like your engagement party or bridal shower.
You’ll never regret having high-quality photographs to cherish and pass down to your family!

The heart has emotional muscle memory, and when we look back on photographs, part of the reason we like or dislike images of ourselves is because of how we felt when the photograph was taken. If a photographer makes you feel uncomfortable, awkward, misheard, or vulnerable, you will subconsciously remember that when you look back on that photograph, regardless of how objectively beautiful or perfect you look in the photograph. To truly enjoy your wedding photographs, it’s important to take the time to practice with your wedding photographer, to build a trust and friendship, so when the photographer walks into the getting ready suite the morning of the wedding, it’s like greeting an old friend instead of meeting a stranger.”